An RRSP is a tax-deferral tool that helps you save for retirement. A TFSA is a savings tool that you can also use for retirement, as well as the other projects you have going on. In other words, we have two plans with two different sets of goals.

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Your financial checklist

Whether you’re starting a new life with someone, buying a home, starting a family, or going through a separation, managing your finances can be a full-time job. Here’s a short checklist to help you stay on top of things.

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The secret to a well planned retirement

Everyone has a different idea of what retirement looks like. Some people want to work as long as their health allows, while others can’t wait to clock out for good at 60. No matter what image you have for the future, the important thing is to make sure your saving habits will get you there. Your plans and goals can change, but your saving needs to be constant.

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Debt – How to shake It off

Debt – quite possibly the most hated word in the English language, but unfortunately it’s also a reality for many people today. But do you want to know another fact about debt? It’s escapable if you follow the right strategy and game plan.

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Emergency Funds – Because Life Happens

Unexpected turns in the road keep life interesting. But when it comes to an unexpected job loss or a leaky roof, it’s really no fun at all. To be prepared for whatever life might throw your way, it’s a great idea to have an emergency fund. So keep this in mind: the more you set aside, the easier it will be to get back on your feet when life throws a curve ball.

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