Climate commitment

Bâtirente is committed to climate action

Now, more than ever, there is consensus on the link between human activities and global warming, on the influence of global warming on the economy and investment, and on the need for a focused response.

It is essential for Bâtirente and its governance bodies to demonstrate fiduciary responsibility by allocating the capital entrusted to us by our members toward both reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) and building resilience to the effects of global warming.

Climate change is certainly one of the ongoing drivers of our action. Carbon footprint measurement, green bonds, shareholder engagement and the introduction of impact strategies in equity and real estate are the practices we have adopted on this issue to date.

There is now a need to integrate these various elements of our climate action into a coherent approach that includes quantitative and qualitative objectives and an increased mobilization of the means at our disposal. These objectives are commensurate with our size and resources, but also match the colossal civilizational challenge that global warming presents.

2025 objectives


Gradually reduce our exposure to climate risk by 50%


Invest in transition by doubling our capital allocation in impact investments, thereby actively contributing to environmental solutions


Target our shareholder engagement to improve corporate climate performance


Work with our partners committed to mobilizing all sectors of society in the transition to a low-carbon economy
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