Bâtirente representatives

Advantages of the Bâtirente retirement system

Unions that join the Bâtirente retirement system allow their saving members to pay lower management fees by eliminating financial intermediaries. Indeed, Bâtirente Funds’ management fees are lower than those of most comparable funds. In addition, discounts are granted based on group size and accrued assets.

Bâtirente offers a variety of group membership plans and individual membership plans that will meet the specific needs of your group and members. In addition, when you establish a Bâtirente pension plan, you contribute to the promotion of a socially responsible finance. With its shareholder engagement, Bâtirente is essentially intervening with enterprises on issues as varied as climate change, sustainable logging, board member election methods, compensation programs, the fight against corruption and advocating for southern workers’ working conditions.

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