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Bâtirente discloses the carbon footprint of its equity portfolios and takes further action in its climate commitment

Proud to have been among the first signatories of the Montréal Carbon Pledge, Bâtirente is today announcing the carbon footprint of its equity portfolios for 2019. A detailed analysis of our portfolios reveals that, as of December 31, 2019, the carbon footprint of the equities held by Bâtirente is, overall, 22% lower than that of its benchmark portfolios.

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Bâtirente unveils a major commitment to climate action

Responding to the urgent need to take action, Bâtirente is today unveiling an ambitious climate commitment. For more than 15 years, Bâtirente has worked with intensity and conviction to promote responsible finance, establishing itself as a well-known and respected industry leader. More than ever, there is consensus on the link between human activities and global warming, on the influence of global warming on the economy and investment, and on the need for a focused response.

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Measures in place to help you

The situation with the COVID-19 is changing rapidly, day by day. Bâtirente monitors what is going on constantly and takes the necessary measures to ensure continuity in the management of your pension plan and your savings, as well as the security of our team and you, our members. The financial markets have been subject to strong fluctuations since the beginning of March. The situation has stabilized somewhat over the past two weeks but remains very volatile. It is important in this context to remain calm and make decisions with a longer-term perspective.

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Update: COVID-19

During this difficult period, we want to remain in touch with you and reassure you on the actions taken by Bâtirente. The situation is evolving rapidly and we are taking all the necessary measures to act responsibly, to ensure the continuity of the management of your retirement and your savings while taking care of the safety of our staff. More than ever, our team is mobilized to provide the necessary support to our members, whether they are still active or retired.

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Bâtirente Makes another Investment in Energy Transition

Thanks to a new investment in green bonds, Bâtirente continues its commitment to responsible investing Bâtirente announces the selection of new managers for the Bâtirente Canadian Equity Multi Fund Montréal, December 5, 2017 – Bâtirente is pleased to announce a $15...

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