Bâtirente is a group retirement system created in 1987 at the initiative of the CSN. It allows 28,000 workers, grouped in over 300 labour unions, to benefit from pension plans tailored to their needs by pooling their savings.

A leader in responsible investing, Bâtirente believes that actively managing its investee companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks helps ensure long-term economic and social development, as well as sound capitalization of the pension plan, which are both required for sustainable financial performance.

The Bâtirente corporation

In 1987, the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) entrusted Bâtirente with the mission of establishing a retirement system for its affiliated unions. The objective was to meet the needs of workers by providing access to a high-performance retirement savings system. For this reason, Bâtirente built a comprehensive well-performing retirement system under union governance— a truly unique institution.

Since its inception, Bâtirente’s commitment to its retirement plan groups has been at the heart of its decisions. This foundational value is expressed through the place these groups occupy in our association’s operations. Their regular attendance at the annual general meeting (AGM) is a testament to the vitality of our governance. Bâtirente is a non-profit corporation with three categories of representatives on the board of directors:

  • Category A representatives: Four persons designated by the CSN to represent it at annual meetings. These CSN representatives fill the four director positions that are reserved for the confederation.
  • Category B representatives: Groups that have established a Bâtirente retirement plan and hold an institutional management contract. They are represented at the AGM by one representative (or two when the participation in the plan exceeds 100 members). Five director positions are reserved for category B representatives.
  • Category C representatives: Two independent directors appointed by the board of directors.

Therefore, the board of directors consists of four category A representatives, five category B representatives and two independents. The 11 directors are elected by the full body of A, B and C representatives at the AGM. The bylaws are meant to ensure that the members of the board of directors possess a wide range of qualities and skills that are necessary for sound governance of the Corporation and responsible management of the retirement system. Board members carry three-year terms; renewals are staggered to ensure the continuity of governance.

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