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Your ally for managing union assets

Many unions and organizations affiliated to the CSN have chosen to entrust their financial assets to Bâtirente. For more than 30 years, this group retirement system has acquired solid expertise in asset management. By choosing Bâtirente, unions benefit from a high-quality investment platform and ensure that their assets are invested in respecting responsible investment practices and contribute to the strength of a responsible finance that is respectful of the common good and consistent with trade union action.

Expertise, performance and liquidity

In union life, collective bargaining, labor disputes, arbitration and professional expertise can result in substantial disbursements that must be dealt with at all times. Unions typically hold assets accumulated over the years in anticipation of these events. Liquidity, flexibility and prudence are therefore the watchwords when it comes time to invest these amounts. Bâtirente offers unions investment funds that, while preserving access to capital, offer low volatility and a return potential higher than guaranteed funds.

Competitive management fees

As a non-profit organization, independent of financial institutions and market intermediaries, Bâtirente offers a very advantageous pricing. In particular, Bâtirente’s policy provides for the reduction of the management fee rate as the assets of the account increase.

Bâtirente funds

All Bâtirente funds are accessible to unions and organizations wishing to invest their assets. The Treasury, Income and Patrimonial Funds provide unions with investment options adapted to their needs. Bâtirente uses a number of specialized management companies, most of them in Québec, to manage its funds. The choice of these firms focuses on long-term results, but also on taking into account financial and extrafinancial risks, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, in the investment process or by targeted investments for their positive social impact.

Treasury Fund

Emphasizing capital security with limited risk and a high level of liquidity, the Bâtirente Treasury Multi Fund aims to generate interest income as well as capital appreciation over short- and medium-term horizons, through active management of short-term bond securities and money market securities.
Risk tolerance: low

Income Fund

The Bâtirente Diversified Income Fund seeks to provide income by emphasizing short-term capital security.
Risk tolerance: low

Patrimonial Fund

The Bâtirente Diversified Patrimonial Fund seeks to strike a balance between capital appreciation and income by emphasizing short-term capital security.
Risk tolerance: low to moderate

Other funds available

Diversified Funds

  • Bâtirente Diversified Provident Fund
  • Bâtirente Diversified Intrepid Fund
  • Bâtirente Diversified Energetic Fund

Fixed income securities

  • Bâtirente Money Market Fund
  • Bâtirente Bond Multi Fund


  • Bâtirente Canadian Equity Multi Fund
  • Bâtirente Global Equity Multi Fund
  • Bâtirente Global Small Cap Equity Multi

See Your ally for the management of union assets document.

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