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A simple way to set and track your retirement goals:

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What’s On Target Retirement?

On Target Retirement® shows you at a glance how the financial decisions you make now can impact your projected retirement income, and personalized recommendations can help you reach your retirement goal. By trying out different scenarios, you’ll be able to see right away how increasing your contributions, changing your retirement age, or adding other savings will affect your On Target Retirement.

Easy to navigate

On Target Retirement® is easy to use and appears automatically on the homepage of your online account every time you log in. To open an account, click on then on Register and complete the requested information. You will need your group number (G900XXX) and your participant number, which can be found on your membership certificate, or your employee number. You will be able to create a user ID and a password, and will have immediate access to your online account.

To begin, it is important to regularly update or complete any missing information on the Your situation page to ensure that On Target Retirement uses accurate data.

Try different scenarios!

Doing a quick simulation allows you to adjust your saving strategy so you can reach your target. You can also adjust your goal by changing your target retirement age or target income.

There are differences between target income and projected income

Target income is how much annual income you think you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle when you retire. It’s calculated as a percentage of your current income. You generally need to replace 70% of your current income. It’s up to you to decide whether 70% of your income will be enough for you to do everything you want in retirement.

Projected income is how much annual income you’ll receive when you retire. It’s calculated based on a few assumptions described on the Calculation assumptions page. Results are expressed in today’s dollars, pre-tax.

Your investment instructions must correspond to you investor profile

Your investment instructions tell us how you want to invest the contributions in your retirement savings plan. They should reflect your savings goals, personal situation and risk tolerance. To determine your risk tolerance, complete the Your investor profile questionnaire. Once you know what your investor profile is, you’ll be able to provide us with instructions that are in line with your needs.

Need help?

Call the Member Services Centre at 1 800 463-6984, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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