Bâtirente funds

All Bâtirente funds are accessible to labour unions and organizations wishing to invest their assets. Bâtirente uses a number of specialized management companies, most of them in Québec, to manage its funds. The choice of these firms focuses on long-term results, but also on taking into account financial and extrafinancial risks, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, in the investment process or by targeted investments for their positive social impact.

Deciding where to invest is one of the most important steps in planning for retirement. When choosing your investments, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investments and consider risk versus reward (or return).

Answer three simple questions to determine which choice is best for you:

  1. Do you have the time necessary to understand your investment options, as well as monitor those options?
  2. Do you have a good understanding of investment principles, asset classes and associated risks?
  3. Would you like to create an investment strategy that is specific to your needs?

If you answered “No” to at least one of the three questions, “the lifecycle path” may be your best choice for a simple, hassle-free approach.

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